Evinrude Diagnostic cables

Evinrude Diagnostic cables

Evinrude Diagnostics is an application for monitoring, calibration, and provide information on all, with ECU / EMM (Electronic Control Unit / Engine Management Module), equipped Evinrude engines. These include Evinrude FICHT and all Evinrude ETEC engines. With a cable and software applications can test the functioning of individual lots, to control operation of the engine and the track parameters, adjust parameters and view errors. Errors that have occurred and may still be present are recorded on ECU/EMM on your Evinrude engine.

For connection, between the engine and the computer on which the application is installed, Evinrude diagnostic cable is used, which is on one side connected to the diagnostic output on Evinrude engine, on the other hand, is connected to the computer.

To this end, we designed an interface cable that is functionally identical to the original Evinrude cable P /N 437955. This cable is primarily used to connect the serial RS-232 computer input and diagnostic output on engine.

However, since most modern laptops no longer has an RS232 serial port, an USB to RS232 adapter must be used if you wish to use this type of connection.

Since the combination of different adapters also means a higher probability that the link will not work, we developed a cable that is terminated on one side with the USB input and on the other side, has a connector that is suitable for connection to the Evinrude diagnostic output.

The first cable is based on Silicon Labs USB CP2102UART integrated circuit, and the other on Future Technology Devices International FTDI FT232 integrated circuit. The difference between the two cables is that the Windows environment Silicon Labs CP2102 cable is detected, but the driver does not install automatically. FTDI FT232 cable Windows environment detects and loads the drivers automatically. Both cables come with CD with drivers,  for both cable installation is also possible, where we do not have direct access to the Internet.

The supplied driver supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003. In addition, with drivers are also provided installation instructions, describing in detail the installation driver and a virtual COM port, so that the installation itself is not difficult even for less experienced PC users.

Diagnostic CP2102 USB cable was sent for examination to the BRP Evinrude , our cable is tested on his part we get the qualification. Manufacturer BRP Evinrude  also recommends and confirms the relevance of the cables from the FTDI FT232 the integrated circuit.

We are satisfied, that we got 100% positive feedback for a quality of diagnostic cable. Our buyers are mostly from US, all Europe countries, Australia, Russia and other countries.

Prices for Evinrude Diagnostic cables:
• Evinrude Diagnostic MT CP2102 USB cable €45.00 (USD 47.54 + VAT = USD 58.00)
(cable drivers and accompanying installation instructions on CD-ROM)

• Evinrude Diagnostic MT FT232 USB cable €50.00 (USD 54.10 + VAT = USD 66.00)
(cable drivers and accompanying installation instructions on CD-ROM)

The cables are in stock, possible to pay with PayPal or Credit Cards Master Card, Visa or American Express, customer bears the cost of postage and commissions (12.00 € or 14.50USD).

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Instructions for installation in the English language can be found here.